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5 Reasons to Launch Your Own Product-Line

If you’re humming and hawing over if you should have your own product line or not – let this article tell you the most important reasons why you should indeed have your own product line.

GREATER REVENUE STREAMS The game of influence is all about diversity – and producing your very own product line offers you a newly establish stream for revenue… and hopefully profit. Just think about all the other things you have in your arsenal to build your personal brand, increase exposure, grow your and audience. A product line can introduce a simple way of adding extra money in your pockets, and if you do it right, it could be a sizeable amount being made every month.

After all, the power in your personal brand is the work that you’ve already done – the time and effort that has gone into building your presence and your sphere of influence within the realm of your audience.


Additionally, we are all in a race against time. Time is fleeting and we only have so much of it to extract as much value as we can. The reality is the extraction of value or monetization of personal brand and presence is competing against how your previous work building it keep you relevant, and how your continued content-generation keeps your following growing. Beyond that, your competitors are doing the same in real time; though sometimes a little less, or (often times) a little more.


Having your own product line or consumer product brand also can leverage all the paid-work you’ve done to-date. If you’ve accepted paid sponsorship contracts, done photoshoots for other brands, or helped promote something other than your own brand – you can piggyback on the exposure of that content to sell your own. So, really, it is not just you yourself promoting your products – its every little piece of content that connects to your name. Similarly, why not benefit multi-fold from the future work you are involved in. In addition to your remuneration for the services you are offering, why not have that work reflect even more so toward the sales of your own products; whatever they might be.

INNOVATION By innovating on a new product line you also flex an important part of your personal brand: the ability to remain fresh and current. Work to create unique products that don’t yet exist elsewhere – or draw from your experiences to develop something new for a highly focused audience. It’s a great creative outlet and it will undoubtedly give you tons of posts worth of content.


Tangible products are a great way to work your relatively ‘virtual’ existence into the relative permanence of real life. For the same reason logo-ing is so important for consumer brands, getting something from your product collection physically in the hands of your followers is a sure-fire way to remind them to continue engaging with you online. There is this incredible connection between the physical world and the virtual world – and those who harness both have the greatest success and greatest longevity.

Establish your own product-line, and let your daily activities and posts turn it into a profitable revenue stream to help you on multiple levels!

MerchUp Labs helps streamline the process of creating your collection so that you can hurry up and get to profiting from it.

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