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MerchUp offers the expertise, creative flare, and optimized process to develop your product line and monetize your following and unique influence.

-Brand Planning + Strategy

-Product Sourcing + Manufacturing

-Inventory Planning + Fulfillment

-Brand Expansion + Growth

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What We Do: About


Our refined process applies a focused system for capturing your personal brand and expanding it to an authentic product-line that offers you reliable revenue possibilities.

Our full range of services is the shortest path and best chance to a profitable line.

How much of our process you will use is up to you!

What We Do: About


Let an international team of experts create your authentic product line.

Our team excels in creative brand strategy, operational roll-out, import and fulfillment & in specific market categories.

-Fashion Apparel
-Health & Beauty
-Consumer Packaged Goods
-Food Products
-Consumer Electronics
-Housewares & Decor
and more

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What We Do: About
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To develop a successful product line today you need exceptional market knowledge and the flexibility to create based on a common need and customer archetype - creating within these bounds is an ongoing challenge.

MerchUp blends very real brand characterizing techniques that uncover the best approach for positioning with creative product and brand design that reflects your input and the strengths of your established presence. Good design is essential, but is not enough to make a successful product-line on its own.

What We Do: About


There is great embedded value in your personal brand and your unique following. Use your sphere of influence to promote something that is authentically yours.  Launching your own product line allows you to do what you do best, and it opens another great revenue stream that can grows instantly from the work you've already done.

Put your personal brand and your following to work for you.

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What We Do: About
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